AT 8.1 IC

The Cine Series AT 8.1 IC has been designed around the unique Ariatechnik Wave Synergy™ drive unit to bring audiophile performance to a wide range of installation ceiling applications. An in ceiling, two-way point source loudspeaker that is intended for use in media rooms, home theaters or anywhere a high output loudspeaker with a wide coverage pattern is required. These loudspeakers deliver class leading accuracy, sensitivity and dynamics. Characteristic of the Wave Synergy™ design is a very wide 'sweet spot' with an exceptionally even response throughout the listening area, as well as an extraordinary transient response.
A pre-installation ring is available as well as a tile bridge solution.









Wave Synergy™

Characteristic of the Ariatechnik Wave Synergy™ loudspeaker design is that it presents a large 'sweet spot' both vertically and horizontally with an exceptionally even response throughout the listening area, as well as an extraordinary transient response. The Wave Synergy™ driver is effectively two drivers properly merged into one where, unlike ordinary drive units, the high frequency unit is positioned on the back of the low frequency driver and in the proper phase alignment with the high frequency driver. As a result they are on the the same time axis, so ensuring that sound energy effectively propagates from the same point and is delivered through the center of the low frequency cone as true point source.


Such integration optimizes reproduction quality by providing a constant time delay over the frequency spectrum, exceptional transient performance, wide dispersion and superior harmonic alignment, all of which delivers to the listening position a natural, clean and integrated sound with greatly enhanced intelligibility, sound staging and dynamics.

FEATURES n 8.00" (200 mm) high sensitivity point source with constant directivity Wave Synergy™ drive unit n 1" (25.4 mm) exit compression tweeter n Extremely flat frequency and phase response n Superior harmonic alignment n Constant time delay over frequency spectrum n Exceptional transient performance n Natural, clean and integrated sound n 90˚ conical dispersion n Enhanced intelligibility, sound staging and dynamics n Recommended amplifier power 100 to 400W @ 8Ω n Maximum SPL 121 dB n Rugged construction steel enclosure n Magnetic Micro Edge grill






Crossover Type:

Power Handling:


Frequency Range:

Frequency Range - Active Mode:

Maximum Output:

Nominal Impedance:


8 inch two-way point source in ceiling


1 x 8" (200 mm) constant directivity

Wave Synergy™ transducer

Passive is standard / Active is optional

Average (A.E.S): 200 Watts,

Program: 350 Watts,

peak: 600 Watts

Mid-Woofer: 93 dB, Tweeter: 109 dB

110 Hz - 27 kHz +/- 3 dB

95Hz - 38 kHz -6 dB

121 dB

8 Ohms



Dimensions of can

with driver: (HxW)

Diameter of Grill:






7.65" x 10.88"

194.3 mm x 276.35 mm

11” (279.4 mm)

12.5 lbs

5.55 kg

Specifications subject to change without notice, please verify

specifications in advance when dealing with critical applications.

Ariatechnik operates under a continuous research and development routine.

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