AT 44 6k

4 Channel Advanced Amplifiers

Ariatechnik’s 4 channel amplifiers present a unique combination of power and audio performance combining state of the art DSP and network control with many integrator friendly features. Our Amplifiers offer next generation technologies that result in sound quality and value without peer.  Available in models developing between 1,500 Watts and 5,000 Watts per channel (or 10,000 Watts for a bridged pair).


Uniquely each channel can be optimized to deliver its power into 2, 4 or 8 Ohm nominal loads as well as 25V, 70V & 100V constant Voltage (CV) lines. This ​offers designers and integrators unparalleled flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Using state of the art components and a finely optimized design results in generous power reserves that ensure pristine sound quality is maintained even under the most extreme conditions.

FEATURES n Four channels of sonically pure Class D amplification n Unique, precise, 96kHz digital signal processing n Over-designed switch mode power supply n Tamper-proof front panel n Integrator friendly connectors n Contact closure control ports and relay status outputs n Ethernet, RS232 and RS485 for system control and monitoring n Analogue, AES3 and Dante™ audio inputs n Powerful grouping and multi-layer EQ



Number of output channels:

Total power output, all channels driven:

Audio inputs:

Digital Signal Processing:

Control, monitoring and system:

Status alarms:

​Power-save modes:


​System standby and wakeup:

Four Channel Class D Amplifier with built in DSP


6,000 Watts RMS

4x Analogue, 2x AES3 and 4x Dante™ (factory fitted option)

High performance 96kHz DSP on all inputs and outputs

Ethernet network, RS232 & RS485

Volt-free relay and contact closure ports. Heartbeat system health output

Standby after user defined time with fast wake up on audio

Deep ECO sleep after user defined time with take up on command

Network command, audio detection & contact closure


See AT 44 Series Amplifier Datasheet for complete specifications

Specifications subject to change without notice, please verify

specifications in advance when dealing with critical applications.

Ariatechnik operates under a continuous research and development routine.

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