AT 12W

The Cine Series AT 12W has been designed around a high impact aluminum coned 12 inch drive unit to bring audiophile performance to a wide range of installation applications. The AT 12 W is a modular loudspeaker that is intended for use in media rooms, home theaters or anywhere a high output loudspeaker for low frequency reproduction is required. These loudspeakers deliver class leading accuracy, sensitivity and dynamics. Characteristics of the Ariatechnik Wave EM-Pact™ design is a woofer with exceptional transient capabilities and less phase error than with traditional alignments, as well as an extraordinary transient response.


The AT 12 W can be used in cabinets, behind screen, or as an in room loudspeaker. Utilizing our amplification's digital signal processing, the system can correct for each of these unique placement applications with relative ease. The AT 12 W can also be used in conjunction with our AT 8.1 WS to make a larger, higher output standalone full range loudspeaker. It is recommended to use at least one AT 12 W for each AT 8.1 WS for full range performance but the use of multiple AT 12 W's is also recommended.










Wave EM-Pact™

Ariatechnik’s Wave EM-Pact™ is a group of our core technologies and design techniques that increase bass definition and clarity. This is accomplished by using very high motor strength woofers in carefully sized cabinets and state of the art digital signal processing techniques that increase linearity, lower group delay (or time errors) and lower audible distortions.


The end result is a level of impact and clarity in music and film that is very different and better from that of traditional loudspeaker designs.

FEATURES n 12.25" (311 mm) aluminum high excursion Wave EM-Pact™ drive unit n Extremely flat frequency with exceptionally low group delay n Ideal for non optimal placement in cabinets or behind screen n Superior harmonic alignment when combined with our systems n Natural, clean and integrated sound n Enhanced intelligibility, sound staging and dynamics n Very low distortion n Recommended amplifier power 500 to 2500W @ 8Ω n Maximum SPL (TBD) dB n Recommended amplifier power 100 to 400W @ 8Ω n Rugged construction MDF enclosure, sealed internally braced and finished with anthracite black Nextel™ paint. 
 High gloss options available.



Frequency Response

(Active Mode), adjustable)

Dynamic Range

Maximum SPL

Crossover Type



Native Sensitivity (1W/1M)


Power Handling

Average (A.E.S)



Nominal Impedance



29 Hz - 200Hz ±3 dB

22 Hz - 290Hz - 10dB



Active, variable

311 mm (12.25”) EMpactTM transducer


88 dB


200 Watts

400 Watts

600 Watts

8 Ohms







Dimensions (HxWxD)


Shipping Weight



Magnetic grill

Floor spikes





MDF, sealed and internally braced

Black Anthricite Nextel™ (standard)

Custom finishes available

Neutrik Speakon NL4MP-ST

x2 (1 input & 1 output for paralleling)

22” x 17.5” x 12” / 558.8 x 444.5 x 304.8





Black fabric (optional)


Specifications subject to change without notice, please verify

specifications in advance when dealing with critical applications.

Ariatechnik operates under a continuous research and development routine.

Full specification PDF